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  • 12-17

    16 2.04%
  • 18-23

    141 17.98%
  • 24-29

    210 26.79%
  • 30-35

    154 19.64%
  • 36-41

    124 15.82%
  • old

    139 17.73%
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdfevrier View Post
    same with me. these 41 plus guys are tough. ill edit it if i can sorry if i offended any old people.

    cant change the poll. so if your 42 and older. and dont want to conceide to being old by voting, jus typr your age in the forum and dont vote. sorry if i offended any old-heads. n my parents are both 35
    hah. It's funny how I have to consistently apologize for the behavior of people my age.

    I thought the OP would like to see if the Pre was specific to certain age groups. It would be an interesting poll to see the actual ages from 0-90 and see where most Palm Pre users lie in.

    Especially with the theory that Sprint is filled with older folk.
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    i would like for this poll to b locked or somthin so i can remake. seeing that i only got 6 diffrent
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    I'm 45, and my kids will testify to the fact that I'm OLD!!
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    off the charts -- I guess. At least give us old folks get a little love by having a bunch of other ranges fall after our age.... you know, maybe to 115 so Sactowild won't feel left out.

    Oh, and slick way to pander for b-day gifts
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    This thread is hilarious.
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    I originally passed on this silly thread, but I figured I'd play along just to help my post

    Male / 27
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    Young enough to keep my phone in my pocket rather than a holster....what is this the wild west? I have to say the holster accents jeans and white new balance shoes quite well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46 View Post
    Looks like us "old" people are the majority at this point. I'm 43 but I'm not old.
    Man, I feel ancient .
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    Quote Originally Posted by jdfevrier View Post
    jus wonderin the age of todays pre owners. Im 17..will be 18 this sunday
    I understand your poll age ranges. heck, when i was 17, i thought 25 was old, and 40+ was near death!?!? Crap, gonna be 40 next year - on the downhill slide now.

    Ok, now to start some age related fun... (I'll keep mine clean, at least)

    You know what it means when you turn 35?
    You are now closer to 50 years old than you are to 20.
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    Funny stuff here.

    36. I've got 4 kids that make me feel like I'm a thousand years old. (2 are mine, 2 are adopted)

    Look, you know your getting old when you make more noises getting out of bed in the morning then you do getting in @ night. Ugh!
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    I'll bite... 39 and getting younger
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    Errr.. You know your old when work is alot less fun and fun is alot more work.
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    Hey - I'm 66 and was the first in line at 0500 to get the Pre on 6/6! My little brother (15 years younger) was 2nd. Lots of kids showed up later.
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    I am 24 years old and been with Sprint since I was 18 took a break for a year and am now back with Sprint :-D
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    I'm 28 years old
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    Most of the users are 24+, but there seems to be a good amount of interest throughout all the age groups. Good for Palm, and good for the continued support of our new devices.
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    Figured it would be a waste of time, but this is the most entertaining thead I have read all day. Enjoying the good natured humor.
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