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  • A: I own a Pre and am looking for info about it

    134 83.23%
  • B: I don't own a Pre, but I'm thinking about buying one and am looking for info about it

    20 12.42%
  • C: I'm just curious

    4 2.48%
  • D: I own another device and am just here to bash or convince others not to buy a Pre

    1 0.62%
  • E: I'm just naturally a troll (father was a troll, grandfather was a troll...) and can't help myself

    2 1.24%
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    There should be a "I will be buying a Pre the second it's available in my region, and am desperate for any information about it in the interim" option.
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    A. but i bet u people with pre join iphone blogs to bash them so what comes around goes around..
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    Can you add another option for those of us waiting to get a Pre!
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    A and proud of it. Loving my Pre, even with its flaws.
    Palm III -> Palm M100 -> Palm VII -> Tmobile MDA (The 3 year mistake) -> Palm Pre

    Hello, Palm. Good to have you back. Let's just pretend that the whole "me leaving you for WinMo" thing never happened, OK?
  5. gidimba's Avatar
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    I voted A
    I have 2 Pre devices
    but both need activation
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    You don't offer an answer that really fits me. I WAS considering a Pre, until I saw all the bugs and missing features. Now I'm watching, and waiting, to see if Palm really does fix the bugs and add the features I need.

    I figure to give them about 6 months, max. If the Pre still doesn't suit me, I'll sign off and start looking for other handhelds that better meet my needs.
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tmair View Post
    I'm here looking for a thread I participated in but there are so damn many new/active threads on this board I cant find it!
    Try advanced search. Search for posts made by you.
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    I was a B but now I'm a C. The Pre just does not meet my needs.
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    A for me. The more info the better.
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