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    Quote Originally Posted by zhensley View Post
    You're a pitiful excuse of a man
    Calm down Tyra.
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    Who would have thought Synergy would have created Seperation
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    Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.

    I also don't like how it shows stuff on the screen. Everybody I meet wants to play with the Pre and I'm always worried some embarrassing email is going to pop up.
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    Wow, I better be careful about "spam"
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    Damn this thread is harsh

    Quote Originally Posted by STARGATE View Post
    Wow, I better be careful about "spam"
    With a name like that, I don't think you have to worry... Just Kidding
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    Sorry Timmy, SERO does not work with the Pre.
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    Seriously harsh.
    But refreshingly funny. A charming alternative some of the negativity of recent days.

    Why isn't there a smiley for ROFL?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wynand32 View Post
    actually, synergy allows the pre to match incoming messages like this against the hidden "significant other" flag that's set in one's spouse's, girlfriend's, boyfriend's, partner's, etc. Contact record. When the pre senses that the significant other is present, it then makes sure to highlight any relevant notifications like this at precisely the right moment. For your significant other, i mean. At precisely the wrong moment for the pre's owner (it's a very principled device). This feature overrides any other notifications settings, and can't be turned off.

    Roger mcnamee talked about this feature in an interview a few months ago. He was pretty excited about it (but then, he's not currently in a relationship). Oddly enough at the time, palm didn't disavow this particular claim, but now we know why.
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    You can always visit "".....LOL

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    Okay gang. You had me rolling. I'm glad I'm not at work. I thought for sure he couldn't put the Pre down.

    I had guest over the weekend and didn't get to check out my Pre. I was sure the little darling felt lonely and neglected, but a co-worker told me that the Pre didn't have feelings. As soon as she walked off a buddy of mine popped his head in my office and said, "sure easy for her to say."

    That'll teach her to not voice lame, hurtful, comments about the Pre in an open doorway.
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    why would anyone use a dating service to cheat?
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    Quote Originally Posted by crazytexan View Post
    So apparently there is a bug with the email accounts and notifications. I have two accounts, and I wanted to turn off notifications for one of the accounts so I have it set to no for all notifications. Apparently the notifications still show on the lock screen. I had to explain to my girlfriend why I got an email from eharmony that says Match Communication Received. I convinced her it was just spam and I think she believed me.

    Just a warning to the guys and gals out there that have secrets, even if you turn off email notifications it still is on!

    wow she doesn't sound very smart. Hopefully the same trick works when you try to convince her that she gave you herpes and not the other way around.
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    Sorry guys,
    but this thread is mostly junk.

    Just call me Berd.
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