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    Had the phone since launch day and my screen is starting to feel a bit lose on the sliding mechanism... Doesn't seem like its gonna fall off but it is irritating that it already wobbels after a week... Hows your pre holding up?
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    Search, search, search. There are a dozen threads all saying this same thing.
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    Yes, I'm getting the same thing.
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    Same thing here... mine is starting to make a clicking noise on the top....
    <I accidentally the whole pre>

    <Palm Pre Speed Test>

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    Mine does it to. Its a little bit dis concerning considering the cost of the product. But I have sampled other slider phones and they all seem to do the same thing.

    Its just the nature of the beast.
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    Mine is doing the same thing
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    I must be lucky but none of that here, and had it since launch day.
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    same here mine kind of rotates a bit
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    When my phone is closed, the screen feels loose, it can slightly move to the left and right, so thats annoying. When its open, it doesnt move at all.
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    My screen is also loose when closed and tight when opened. I'm going to exchange mine when the inventory catches up. My wife's Pre is solid so I'm not accepting this.

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