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    So the first few days i had my pre i was very very upset at the battery life, i was running down to 30% and below by lunch. At one point on an early 5am morning it was dead by noon. I followed all the suggestions on here, deleted my hotmail account, used wifi all the time, turned off gps. And it seems that everyday my battery has gotten more and more time from a single charge. Today i'm getting ready to leave work, its 5pm, and my battery is still at 89%. I'm totally impressed. I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this much of an improvement? And have you turned back on any features you disabled? I really really want hotmail back as going to in the browser doesn't allow you to open emails. And i'd like to have gps back on for geotagging and one less press when opening maps. But if i'm gonna go back to dead by noon i'll just wait for updates before attempting those.
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    Besides all that, i think the fact that its a 10-day old pre and not a "i was the FIRST IN LINE!! for this" Pre may have something to do with it

    I can speak for myself, my "usage" has gone down a lot since 6/6
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    I'm having the same experience you're having. The only thing I've started turning on is bluetooth.
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    There are already several threads on this, but yes, with very little tweaking (turned off roaming) I've gone from going D-E-A-D so hard that it needed to charge 10 mins. before it'd restart in less than 10 hours to having 43% left after over 11 hours. Not stellar, but a hella improvement. A buddy just told me he's getting 3 hours(!!) from his HTC Touch Pro. Whoa!
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    indeed. I think a lot of the gains people are seeing are from breaking in the battery (if thats even possible) and lowering their usage. Lord knows the day I got my Pre I was playing with it and streaming video and audio like a kid in a candy store. Normal usage has given me much improved and usable battery life.
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    Yes, many folks have reported this phenomenon (including me). I don't know why my battery life is getting better, but I like it!
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    Same here. I blame less pandora and youtube. I love it. I can now easily get through a 9 hour work day but it does need a little boost before heading to the gym and using bluetooth headphones for an hour. Otherwise I get into the 10 or 15% category by the time I get back home, which is not really enough buffer. Guess I'm still buying another touchstone...
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    I've had my pre since day 1. I have the black box with the flower on it. (apparently the bad one) Im waiting for my store to get a new shipment so I can have mine exchanged because my bluetooth doesnt work properly.

    Anyways.. 11:45am i took my pre off the touchstone charger to go to run an errand. I used sprint navigation the whole way to my destination and back to work just to see how the battery would fair.. Once i came back at 1:15pm my battery was at 53%.. 1.5hour of data/gps for half the battery life...

    I hope my replacement is better

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