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    By mistake I deleted the bookmarks. I swear I saw a thread earlier but I can't find it. I think I just need the web addresses to get the back.

    If anyone has the original bookmarks can you tell me the web addresses.

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    Come on, someone has the original web addresses.
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    Bump. Anyone? Were there 6 sites?
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    Palm, Sprint, Facebook, Myspace, Amazon and something else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Noktomezo View Post
    Palm, Sprint, Facebook, Myspace, Amazon and something else.
    The sixth bookmark is ESPN (ESPN Home).
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    I accidentally deleted my bookmarks, went to which was the address of the facebook for Pre bookmark, but the image is gone. I editted the bookmark and it's letting me crop the webpage to get an image. Does anyone know how to get the original image back?
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    I believe you want the original images that came with the bookmarks?? I haven't figured it out either..
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    yes, that's exactly what i want. hopefully someone knows something so we can get our thumbnails back :-P
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    there is a list under software. unfortunately my logo thumbnails and significant time have been LOST! Palm, give us a restore option and something in the delete routine that confirms we want to "delete these 35 or whatever number launch links".
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    www DOT amazon DOT COM/gp/aw/h.html/179-3297933-8833431

    just some of them
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    Has there been any resolution to this?

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