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    I cannot see my All day and reoccurring appointments when in month view. I can see them in daily or weekly. Anyone have this issue?
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    I have the same problem!
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    Same. Its pretty annoying.
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    Same here. Took me 2 days to figure out that the appointments were in there, I just couldn't see them unless I went to weekly or daily view.
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    I still am curious why Palm didn't stay with the same format of Palm OS and its month view. It showed little bars that would easily show what was happening that day. Now, it's just a faded gray area and doesn't serve any useful purpose. Palm, you listening?
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    I HATE this aspect of the calendar. I love my Pre and am happy to be rid of my Touch Pro, but I'm not a huge fan of the calendar app. I really miss TouchFlo showing me my current and upcoming appointments on the home screen as well...
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    They really need to add the daily view below the month like the Iphone's and just about every other calendar implementation out there.

    Not to mention optimize the code because it runs so slow.
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    yep its lame....hella lame...this should be fixed on the first update...
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    Yes, I noticed that. I hope they fix it! All I would want it a little colored dot at the top of the day's box. Not the whole box grayed out, like the timed events.
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