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    I was using the Data Migration Assistant to sync my phone with a local copy of Outlook 2007. Everytime I synced, it created a new contact for each of the contacts in Outlook. I have 182 in Ootlook on my laptop and now 580+ profiles for the same people over and over on my pre. I am now using PocketMirror to sync with outlook, so I do not need the profiles. How do I get rid of these?
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    I found where it says you can go to contacts/accounts and preferences and then tap on the account to delete it. It won't let me delete the account (Palm Profile). It just tells me how many contacts I have there.
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    Okay, I did a partial delete (from device info) and then let it reinstall all my apps from the online backup. That removed all the profiles. I resynched with pocketmirror and all is well now.
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    Like others have said....
    you need to first go to the backup card and disable backup. Then erase the back up - it gives you the option. And then do the erase. I did a full erase and started from scratch.

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