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    I just installed an opaque skin from Skinnit yesterday on my wife's Pre, and now as soon as she makes a call, the screen goes black, and I can't figure out how to get it back short of resetting the phone. Apparently the issue is that the skin covers the proximity sensor.

    Does anyone know exactly where the sensor is? I'm thinking of trying to punch a hole in the skin at the right location and/or letting Skinnit know they've got to adjust their design.


    ps Can you hang up a call and/or switch to speaker phone via hardware button on the keyboard?
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    Ok, I answered part of my own question. I found the sensor and was able to use a hole punch to make a cutout over it.

    I also emailed Skinit to let them know they better change their design or they're going to get a lot of refund requests.
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    Does the touch-sensitive area by the D-Pad work with it covered?
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    Yes, the gesture area seems to work fine, and she's got a BodyGuardz skin under the Skinit one too.
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    does everything work the same?

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