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    Quote Originally Posted by realistdreamer View Post
    OK, I admit it. I've been waiting for the post-Garnet OS for some time. I never would have gotten an iPhone anyway because I don't like the form factor. But, once again Palm has impressed me. I'm coming from a Centro so some of the WOW of the Pre is old news to you modern users. However, I thought I'd share 3 experiences that are making me a fanboy.

    1. Multi-tasking at the lake. This past weekend I took a bike ride in my area. I listened to Pandora the whole way. Stopped at a lake, looked up my GPS location on Google maps, took a photo (Pandora still playing), looked up information on the lake on the web (Pandora still playing) and sent the photo via email to my mom, called her to chat and show her how to get the GPS information from the photo. Couldn't do that as easily on other phones and it was exactly what was needed at the time.
    2. Seamless commute. Today I decided to test Sprint Navigation. First, I got Pandora going over the car stereo via 3.5mm jack and AUX IN. I put in my destination and then remembered I needed to make a phone call. Pulled up Facebook to get the number out of a message in my inbox. Tapped the number to dial and the call routed to my Jawbone headset. Pandora went quiet and Navigation went silent. Since I knew my route anyway, started driving during the call. When I disconnected, Navigation announced over the stereo, "Left Turn, 1.1 miles to Highway XXX". Navigation went quiet and Pandora took over. The rest of the way, I took two calls on the Jawbone, listened to Pandora and heard directions (as Pandora was silenced). Way cool.
    3. Cord-haters unite. This is not a long story. Essentially, when I arrive at work, I set the Pre on the Touchstone, confirm the connection and go about my business. When duty calls, I grab my Pre and I'm off. No muss, no fuss. No disconnecting. No "safely remove hardware". No trap door to open/close. Oh yeah, the geek cool factor is there as well.

    The Pre is far from perfect.
    • Outlook won't work until my IT installs the new GoDaddy cert.
    • My Pandora excursions are killing the battery.
    • I miss categories and many of my Centro apps.

    However, the Pre is doing what I wanted it to do. Change the way I conduct my life by providing new convenience, easy access to people and information, and bringing a little more fun too. I'm sure some of the headaches will go away with workarounds, updates and new apps.

    I guess it's official - I'm a fanboy. . . .
    Hey Real... try this. I too am a long time Palm fan. Being one I too missed Categories with the 600+ contacts I have. So, your using Outlook too. What you'll find is that the Pre will search the Nickname field the same way it searches for names. I went into Outlook and placed the Categories field and Nickname fields next to one another. I sorted on the Nickname field(stay with me here, the Categories field cannot be sorted). I did a find for each of the Categories I have and then copied/pasted them into the Nickname field. Or you could precede each Nickname with an underscore or some other character to make it truly unique. Now in Phone view or Contacts view type the Nickname and poof... life is good! Hope this helps. Go Palm! -M
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    Quote Originally Posted by akarol View Post
    I call bull****! Nobody can listen to Pandora for the whole day on a bike ride without having a generator attached to the device.
    I could get nasty and start with flames, but let's just say "reading is fundamental." The post says "the whole way" NOT "the whole day."
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1812dave View Post
    The primary programs I want to multitask (and as of this writing, can't), is Pandora with ANYTHING ELSE, on my Touch I initially was drawn to considering the Pre from the early reports of it's m/tasking capabilities....then I saw the phone in person--screen and fonts are way too small. Even my wife said the same thing about the Pre and she's been eager to consider getting one. The Pre is definitely not without SOME good features, but QC, screen size, lack of voice dialing and a host of other issues, makes it a good phone only for those with specific requirements. (or should I say for those who have a LACK of specific requirements??)
    I have pretty poor sight, but the small writing is better than my Centro in terms of readability. Don't know if the centro was too small too. The screen is bigger and it's much more readable. Would I like it larger? Sure. But I would want a larger form factor. Satisfied with the tradeoff.

    As for the "specific requirements" comment, not really worth a response.
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    Quote Originally Posted by meyerweb View Post
    I'm well aware of the "potential" of this phone. Unfortunately, I need a PDA / phone, not "potential." I need something that meets my needs now, not one that will, potentially, meet my needs later. I didn't return one, because I was smart enough to wait and see what the real world experiences were, but I'm not buying one now, either.

    The multitasking is, no doubt, slick and cool, and well done. But the apps that are being multi-tasked, unfortunately, leave a lot to be desired for my needs. If Palm ever finishes the Pre, I'll seriously consider it. But not today. There are too many bugs, and too many things it won't do.
    I think yours is the right decision for many. Not me!! I'll have a good time getting to know my phone and it's capabilities while I wait for updates and apps. It can get frustrating sometimes, but I knew that going in.
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    [*]Outlook won't work until my IT installs the new GoDaddy cert.

    --Not True, you can install a self signed or expired cert manually - just save the .cer file and email it to yourself or transfer to the pre via usb and install - most "exchange problems" people write about are nothing but a training issue - palm needs to make an option to "allow anyways" on the cert, but until then you CAN get around it using a supported method, no hacking or anything required...

    I guess the big problem is if you're not running https at all - but if you're running exchange over http your IT people should be fired...
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