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    Hey guys, so I've been reading so many threads on this site for a long time now, and I hear alot of people complaining about the software of the phone. Pure hardware issues you can't do anything but exchange the phone, and if you don't have coverage in your area, that sucks. But when it comes to hardware issues, I think some people are complaining a bit too soon. Now I know some of you are business users that simply can't do without certain features or qualities right now, but for the rest of you, I ask for some patience. And regardless, I think you should all know the risks of buying a first-gen phone, and if not, let this serve as a learning experience. I hear people complaining about things such as battery life, lack of small(but useful) features in text messaging, half-baked copy/paste, sluggishness opening apps, lack of apps, no video recording, and small inconveniences about the OS.

    The thing about this phone is that pretty much ALL of these issues can be resolved through updates, and furthermore, Palm has clearly been listening and paying attention to this active community. Battery life has already been remedied substantially through some changes in options(its lasts at least as long as the centro it seems). Palm has announced forthcoming text messaging features, and I am almost totally sure copy and paste will be implemented more thoroughly into the OS soon. The app opening sluggish seems to have been bettered with the last update, and is also likely to be helped with further updates. Plus, people forget that the point of the phone is that you don't HAVE to open apps up all the time, because you can just leave them open in cards! I don't know about you, but I'd rather wait 5 seconds once to open a program, and save time by not having to go and reopen that program again later. The apps will surely come(heck we already have hacked apps) once the SDK is released, in plentiful amounts. Don't forget that WebOS, unlike the iPhone OS, is actually coming to more than one model on different carriers, meaning more incentive to develop apps. That EAS issue is being resolved soon. Palm has also pretty much assured us that video recording would be forthcoming, and if not, the hacking community has got us covered on that.

    Speaking of which, look how easy it's been to already get custom software running on the Pre, and more importantly, how helpful palm has been! If you hang around the dev forums, you'd see that palm has actually been helping the pre hackers get stuff done XD. The only thing they really complained about was tethering, and totall understandably at that. It is quite likely the Pre's hacking peeps will get us an app catalog as well. They will probably resolve all the issues palm doesn't, although it really does seem like palm is very intent on providing us with the features we are lacking.

    Palm has been listening because they have to. I for one, am very satisfied with the work they've done. One has to remember that on new, landmark devices like this, it's more about what one has gained than about what one has lost. Gestures and multi-tasking for me is amazing, and for me the iphone looks quite ancient in comparison, not being able to provide such useful abilities.

    So for you early adopters who are not satisfied with the software, I ask for some patience if you can afford it. I can almost assure you virtually all the complaints about the software will be remedied in the coming months. Palm has shown itself to be listening--heck the Pre itself seems to be a result of the letter Engadget wrote to Palm--and we have a great hacking community. All these software complaints people have displayed are a simple matter of an OTA update or two.
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    I think this would be a pretty boring forum if it was full of Mary Sunshine posts. I would like thank all the early adopters (or beta testers) who have reported in detail on the problems they have experianced. I look forward to seeing how Palm resolves these issues. Hopefully they fix them before a GSM version on AT&T is available.
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    Oh, I definitely agree there have to be people complaining, I'm not at allsaying they shouldn't. I just find it bothersome when people are like "Oh palm will FAIL because there is NO TEXT FORWARDING ZOMG DUN DUN DUNNN!!!" =P I'm just saying these issues aren't insurmountable without having to buy a new device.

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