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    1) I have received some wma audio files via email and after i download them they dont open up. i get an error.

    2) also sometimes when i send an email out it says error and hangs out in the OUTBOX for a few mins then sends it out. im using aol. weird...anyone see this (i did erase phone and re-apply AOL account. still same issue.)

    3) 2007 G35 bluetooth has too much static noise to use. I hope they update soon. will not transfer contacts either via bluetooth.

    4) Purchased mp3 songs on amazon dont upload to itunes on sync! . I also did a full phone erase and lost all purchased music.

    5) The contact photo looks pixelized when "receiveing or making a call". Also is small compared to iphone and only covers half of screen.

    6) After downloading an excel sheet into phone it sometimes freezes up. The file is small.

    7) After initiating conference call you cant choose who to drop. Boo~!

    Other than that i really like this phone. Its growing on me and it really feels like a generation ahead of the iphone in speed and user interface.


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    There is an entire thread with 500 posts about this topic...... and its a sticky

    Close this.
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    Yea. Close this please.
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    Not only that, but MAJOR bugs??
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    Yeah, thats right!
    Just where do you think you are?
    This is precentral. Dont come here with all your problems or nagging complaints.
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    Use the search function.
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