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    Quote Originally Posted by mobilehavoc View Post
    Have you seen improved battery usage and signal strength? Those are my 2 requirements to keeping the Pre and I only have 2 weeks left to decide otherwise I go back to AT&T and get a 3GS. Thanks for your input.
    i know you didn't quote me, but i can address one of your requirements...

    battery life. read my posts in there
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    Quote Originally Posted by smoresrock View Post
    i know you didn't quote me, but i can address one of your requirements...

    battery life. read my posts in there
    Thanks but I always have wifi on when at home. Do you leave it on when you don't even have a wifi access point? Seems like that definitely can't help battery life and probably hurts it since you have the wifi radio searching for an AP instead of being off.

    I turn on wifi when I get home and turn it off when I leave. Battery life is still so-so. Worst is when I'm on a phone call at home because I'm using bluetooth headset (so BT is on), using the signal for the call and wifi is on/connected for data. All 3 radios on like that seem to be the kiss of death for the Pre.

    There's definitely some software improvements Palm could make (and hopefully does make) that could help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gbp View Post
    I am sure PALM engineers are hard at work.
    They managed to let it out the door . And no major issues ( READ MAJOR) happened.
    I wouldn't call the increasing problem of cracked screens a minor (READ MINOR) issue!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsimon9633 View Post
    I know but Id prefer they speed up and have both ready haha

    I know many complain about the battery life but I have a charger readily available at most times

    so Id rather see some bug fixes and new features
    Def agree. I have a car charger and the charger it came with. The cord u can take anywhere that there will be a computer. I'm usually in my car driving, or by a computer, so I can charge it jus bout all the time. Especially if I bring my laptop with me.

    New features is what I'm hoping for. And fixing things here and there, fwd texts and simple things like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by willyrick View Post
    Am I alone in feeling the lack of voice dial is a MAJOR issue?
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    So that update within the next two weeks? Already here.
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