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    Hello all. first time poster here.

    Having an issue with playing video and MP3's. when playing YouTube videos I get a error msg some where in the video "There was an error playing the file". This happens every time regardless if I'm on the cell or wireless networks. Secondly I'm having issues with playing back MP3's. The music will play for random amounts of time then shut off and return to the main music screen. Iv toyed with all sorts of different bit rate MP3's but having the same issue. I have a sneaking suspicion the issues are related some how. Any advice would be great.
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    its gonna b hard to answer theese questions so soon being that we are all new to this phone. youre best bet would be to go to sprint.
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    Have you tried restarting the phone?
    A few days ago I was having trouble playing Youtube videos, but after a restart all was good.
    Went from iPhone to Pre and love it!
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    Give your phone a restart and see if it fixes the issues. Device info, restart is at the bottom, top option from there is a basic restart.
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    Thnanks. Ihave trried the restart with out any luck. I'm thinking about using the webos dr. From palm incse its an install issue fro the last update.

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