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    My Pre doesn't get warm on long phone conversations, but it does heat up when playing YouTube for about 10-15 mins. Not burning hot, but definitely warm to the touch. Also gets warm on the Touchstone, but I figure that's normal

    What does everyone else's heat pattern?
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    I've only noticed mine getting warm when I use navigation, either Google or Sprint.
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    Honestly, I noticed it much more when I first bought it but now it doesn't really get that hot. I was on two hours of conference calls back to back this morning (using my BT) and it was plugged into the charger at the same time. It didn't seem unreasonably hot to me. Actually, not much hotter than my Treo.
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    Mine warms up during use. Heat really isn't an issue unless it's getting so hot it hurts to touch. I haven't had a phone yet that didn't get hot after using it for awhile. I think the Pre really brings it out too because it's such a powerful phone yet the design is so small.
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    When I had Hotmail installed, it was hitting nearly 140 F on the back panel (measured with an IR thermometer.) After removing it I haven't seen over 110 F, even with Pandora, Sprint Navigation, the Web, and a half dozen other apps open.

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