so my phone was having data issues... pissed me off.. but was fixable if sprint would just push the buttons on their end they way i asked them to rather then go through their bs that never works and ive done already.

anyway multiple phone calls to sprint and palm to luck i walked into the corrupt sprint store here in utah. told them the situation first thing they said was that phone has to be replaced (probably because he doesnt know how to get to dial pad without activation to do hash codes). at this point i didnt care i said fine replace it.

He told me there is a waiting list and i have to go to the end of a list of over 50 people. i said what the hell are you talking about i was already on a list i paid for the phone he said thats just how it is.

as i tried explaining that makes no sense he said he will talk to a manager then call me which is always bull! anyway i asked him to activate my centro so i can have a phone (i had already tried it before same data issue which is how i knew it was on there end not the phone) i had to keep insisting that its something on sprint end he played with it the confirmed finally. God i was pissed! *****! anyway i went to a different sprint store shortly told them to fix my centro internet. he doesn't know what he did but the guy got it going. then i had him do an rtn reset to my pre and fired right up