View Poll Results: How much of the 8Gb on you Pre are you using?

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  • 7-8Gb

    4 4.60%
  • 6-7Gb

    7 8.05%
  • 5-6Gb

    5 5.75%
  • 4-5Gb

    8 9.20%
  • 3-4Gb

    7 8.05%
  • 2-3Gb

    15 17.24%
  • 1-2Gb

    20 22.99%
  • 0-1Gb

    21 24.14%
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    With all of the discussion about the 8Gb of memory pre-release, I have not noticed any comment about how much people are using or whether the 8Gb is restrictive.

    Comments please.
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    A bit tight. I had to remove a few albums I had syncing to my iPhone. Seems the MP3 versions of my music take up more space.
  3. UserOne
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    That really depends on the person & what they are using the device for.

    I constantly have about 2-3 GB of podcasts, TV Shows, or videos on my Pre and haven't had any real need for any more than the 8GB the phone comes with. In fact, I just had a 8GB Card on my old Treo 755p for the same reason and never felt the pinch for more room.

    Of course, I change out the podcasts, tv shows every couple of days once I'm done watching them for newer content... so, I'm not trying to have a movie collection on my phone or anything.

    Just my .02... L8R
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    bump - because votes don't do it.
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    70% below 4Gb, but there are a few pushing 8Gb.
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    I am only limited to 3-4gb now, but that's only because I can't play my flac or ogg files with the music player. Once there's a player that supports those formats, it's going be filled to the rim.
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    6-7g itunes , and i wish this thing more memory or card adapter
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    Wow I kinda feel small...only have about just over 2 used. 1 movie and about 300 songs(which is all I need for when im in the gym).
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    8GB is restrictive for me i had to sync only the 4+ playlist i have. it's an ok-not-so-great-compromise to get songs on there, but i really like to shuffle all my songs regardless of stars. i am looking forward to a pre with larger storage coming soon so i can hand this down.
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    Using about 4.5 GB but I would use more if there was more space. I've been limiting the albums to those I listen to most frequently. I really wish there was a MicroSD slot.
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    how can i found out how much mem i'm using?
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    i find myself rarely listening to my own collection and instead use pandora. i'm waiting for a slacker/ app for the pre. So i've only used whatever memory pictures the camera take uses and 2 additional ringtones and the apps i've installed. probably no more than 50mb. i dont find much joy in watching movies on such a small screen. youtube clips that are no more than 10mins long are my limit.

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