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    sweeeet I'll be going in the morning then!!! woot woot! Newer/better Pre here I come!
    lol, Yeah. You're good to go bruddah
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    Quote Originally Posted by jknorr View Post
    getting a little bit off topic here lol... I have a gap on the left side of my phone and it creeks every time I press on it and makes it feel kind of cheaply made. I should take it in like you did huh? Would they let me keep my battery?? I'm getting like... 16 hours out of it... Anyone know?
    Everytime I exchanged a Treo, I kept the battery.
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    I'm wondering if I should exchange my battery too or keep mine
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    WOW, she managed to strip and break torx screws. She really needs to be fired. Torx screws do not strip easily at all unless you're she-manning the crap out of em.
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    Can I hook my Treo Pro to my wide screen TV to see the pictures? Sorry that happened to you NM08SRT8.
    My Phone & My Wife's Phone Two Unlocked GSM Treo Pro's

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    Yeah, I am too.. I mean for the exception of the hinge gap, and now, the screw.. this phone was flawless.. I hope the next one I get is like that too..

    Interesting tid-bit of info.. The rep said they are required to inspect every Pre they sell for defects such as this. This store I'm working with now, isn't the same store who sold it to me originally. So, Since he worked with my cousin at the call center and he transferred over to this store, while my Cousin quit.. He said he'd "hook me up" to make sure he checks all of them so I get the "best" one out of the group. This goes with hinge, and dead pixels
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