After watching this device from January, I now finally have sitting next to me, a Palm Pre. I have no loyalties to palm, apple, or any other company. So here is my background and history with phones/pda's. I have had all dumb phones, so this is my first smart phone. I have been with sprint nextel for about 5 years. I had the i730, i850, i870, i880, ic902, Instinct. I have also had a palm pilot (ah the old black and white days, man those are ancient now!) and a win mobile pda with win mobile 2003 (no wireless or anything). I had never liked apple at all until last year when I saw that their systems seemed to run better than my windows computer, however It was not the name that had me interested, it was the product. I never liked ipods either and then saw the ipod touch. It was more than just a "mere" ipod it did something, and made it look good at the same time. I eventually picked one up as I always liked pda's but never could find one I liked as a phone, and was not about to go to att for a phone. I have used it more than my cell phones for the last year (until recently). I have used iphones of others, played with blackberry storm, lg dare, etc. I am a college student who believes there really should be a mobile device that lets you do everything, or atleast, a lot of things. Being someone who just moved to a new state, the social aspect of a phone is more important too. I don't talk on my phones very often so it's more of the features and other social aspects that really attract me to a phone. so now here's my review

My opinion and rating 9/10

I've been back and forth worrying if I would get a lemon, or that this phone would disapoint me like my instinct did, but it really hasn't, not other than some minor (fixable) issues which I will get into later. It is a solid phone with a great os concept and real potential. I have not used my ipod touch since I got this phone. The internet on this phone rocks! i didn't know I could get such high speed internet on the go! there may not be too many apps out there yet but I can finally chat on aim while sitting at the pool after work and stream pandora, or listen to music. I can actually put my phone in my pocket and if I get an Im I will get notified. (I know this is not new, but it's new to me) Never had a qwerty keyboard so it's an experience. I truly do think this phone is awesome and for the first time, am not only satisfied with the phone, but really like it and can't wait to see what it has in store for us all!

Now it is far from perfect, however and I will cover most of the major features individually stating there good and bad points and some possible suggestions for improvement

Form Factor

The phone fits in the hand very well. The overall look of the phone is sleek and has a Zen like look and feel. I like that the headphones jack is on top because it makes it easy to put in its pouch and in your pocket while you listen to music. I also love the volume on and off button, makes it easy for me when I forget to turn my phone on vibrate at work . Screen feels solid, not flexible like the instinct screen which really bugged me. The screen looks beautiful, easily the best looking in terms of brightness and clearity, that I have seen! I also like that the charger adapter goes straight up rather than to left, right or bottom, thus easy to plug in anywhere! Camera is best I have ever seen for a phone!

The not so good...

Not a huge fan of the keybard, though I am getting used to it. Never had a keyboard on a phone though, not a qwerty one at least. I don't like that the charger port is on the side either, and the door is just ridiculous. having the sound only come out of the back isn't that great sometimes because it's easy to block with your hands, or if it's lying on something. Would be nice if front speaker put out sound too. (not positive if it doesn't for some things, but for music it doesn't). 16 gigs would have been nice.


WebOS came out really good for a 1.0. I know a lot of people do give it a lot of criticism for it's faults since palm has been in the pda market for some time, however, even if palm has made PDA's for so long, it's a new system, which seems to be far different from any palm treo or centro I've seen. It's based off linux and the web, thus It's only inevitable that it came with several features missing, lag, and other issues. I think it has great potential. The animations are very subtle, yet entertaining, I love the little ripple you get when touching something. The idea of launcher pages being scrollable is awesome! I always wished my ipod touch had that so I could put each type of app on a different page. Once they give us the ability to add more pages it will be awesome. Obviously the multitasking is brilliant! I like the quick lunch bar and the gestures really do make things quicker. I was actually able to show people at the sprint store how the phone worked before I had ever even touched it due to this site and the videos! It's good to see that the updates to applications and the information regarding that is easily obtainable. You can see every single apps version number, and all apps can be updated over the air! Nice palm!

The not so good... and missing features

Unfortunately the Pre is new and is a 1l0 so it does have plenty of issues. Every so often I do get a bit of lag, sometimes more irritating then others. I think every application I have opened seems to take a bit longer than it should and some of the apps freeze up a bit. In the photo app, there seems to be an irritating amount of issues especially. Whether your adding a picture to a contact, sending a picture over sms, or just browsing, there is always lag. Loading up the app seems to take too long. If your looking at a picture you just took, it takes longer than you would want, to see the photo you just took. All the pictures take a few seconds to come in clear, and in apps like contacts and sms, the photo album freezes quite a lot. I also seem to be having an issue with pics I downloaded from my computer. For some reason I can not get the portrait oriented pictures to come up portrait oriented on the phone. All pictures I have downloaded come out landscape. If anyone knows a workaround to this PLEASE let me know! I also do no like how there is no apparent way to change songs without unlocking the phone first (once again please let me know if There is a way). With the ipod tocuh you could tap the center button twice after turning the device on from sleep, and my other phones had outer buttons for this except for the instinct and the first couple nextel phones. I also feel as if webos is more of the reason for the battery draining due to issues rather then just overall use. I think with some software updates it should last a day of moderate to heavy use. I have seen other devices with battery drainging software last this long and I think the pre can do it. We all have already heard that Palm knows of some leaks and issues regarding this so it doesn't sound too far off right? Also, for the photo app again, I would like to seem them implement subfolders, something that apple, and the instinct and some other phones, seem to not implement. Would like to see more pages for launcher also. The fact that all the settings are individual is a page waster.


Sprint TV sounded good when I got it on my first phone, however since then, I was never impressed. It looked so horribly bad on my ic902 that I thought that was as good as it could get when I got my instinct. The pre's version is a pleasant surprise. It actually comes in watchable! Speech seems to match the video and the video comes in decent too! Doesn't really pixelize like the other two phones I had that had sprint TV did!

Ok this is good for now, going to take a break and write the rest tomarrow. I am very glade to finally have a Pre though!