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    I am still carting my Treo around to watch baseball games using the Sling Player.

    Has anyone heard when/whether we can expect a WebOS Sling Player?
    Sprint Pre user since June 2009. Previously a long time Treo user (600, 650, 700p and 755p). Will probably be changing to Android or iPhone if Sprint does not offer Pre3.
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    I don't know but I can't wait
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    oh I can't wait for that. I wish their pricing wasing so expensive though. Now that we have rev.a I would be able to watch mine while driving down the road with a better framerate.
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    Hopefully Sling/Palm/Sprint don't drag their feet on it like they did on the iPhone version. And God help me if they restrict it to Wifi only like they did with the iPhone. Waaa, our bandwidth will be all used up. Wahhh.

    Hurry up Sling and Sprint, don't pull some shady ***** and restrict EVDO use of this app. We have 5 gigs/month. Let us use it.
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    Waiting and praying myself, until then my Windows XP machine has ORB installed once again.
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    I wouldn't expect it for a few months at the earliest.

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