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    Figured I would start a thread to capture any updates on when the next ROM update is coming out. Personally, I am hoping it's soon as I need a fix for the cert/SSL connection issues with EAS.

    Impress your friends by being the first to post here confirming you got a new ROM update.

    And meanwhile, please share any rumor, innuendo, or actual facts about when the next ROM version will be released and what fixes/enhancements it will contain.


    - Chris
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    I wonder how soon we'll see an update and what will be in it. I think it's important to the community they'll release one soon with new functionallity (missing features). Not just a couple of bug fixes nobody will even notice.

    I think most agree webOS is a good 1.0, but there are (long) lists of small and big things missing. I think the updates will help people to embrace the platform. To know they're working on getting it perfect.

    Did anybody talk to Sprint/Palm's people about the next update?
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    Maybe a sticky on the first page with a list of fixes would be nice.
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    Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?

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