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    Hey guys, I'm going to have to return my Pre soon to get another one due to screen damage, so I'm going to wipe everything. Is the "Full Erase" option the only thing I'll need to do to clear all my contacts, cookies, passwords, pictures, saved forms, etc?
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    In an earlier it was stated that someone thought it erased everything but some stuff was left cached. Maybe if you reload the firmware with WebOS Doctor it will surely do this...this is what I would do.
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    Can you explain how to do that?
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    I'm on my Pre right now so I don't have the direct link but if you go to and go to support and select Pre you will find it there. All you have to do is plug the Pre to your computer and run the file downloaded.
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    true way to do a full erase is using ##RTN# (##786#) on your dial pad and hitting reset at the mottom. it takes it to real factory setting errasing your phone number and everything. although it will ask for your mls code its a 6 digit number only sprint can give you. if you call tech support and tell them you are getting a new phone and want to fully errase everything with ##RTN# they should give you the code i would think but you need tech support not CS... call CS ask for Tear2 Tech support guys at sprint store can do this for you if you ask em.
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    The only issue posted in earlier threads is that information like the login to Pandora seems to be cached even after a Full Erase...with this in mind if he uses WebOS Doctor it will replace his current firmware causing any caches to be wiped.
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    Awesome....thanks for the help, dudes
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    Is it wrong to bump something so old even tho its directly related to what I am asking? lol I did some searches too.. didnt find the answer =(

    With "Full Erase" your phone number still going to work with the phone when you turn it on? is it going to make you put the Palm profile password in again? and then synergy takes effect and your contacts get put right back on?

    I am might be trading someone phones, and I we are going to meet at verizon store, so i dont want to take my laptop and webOS doctor it there if he decided he wants it. I just want him to say ok, and then I can hit the Full Erase button and have most stuff erased.. I dont think he would/nor care much if he ends up using my Pandora account. What else gets stuck in the cache? Thanks.. and if it has been answered and I just didnt search very well.. please direct me to the thread.
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    I recently had a phone swap.

    I first tried the secured erase under Device info, reset options. I had to call Sprint about the replacement phone and I noticed the proximity sensor still worked.

    I saw this article and did the ##RTN# on the old phone. everything on the phone was erased except for the tweaks.

    How could I tell, I had the top bar tweaks - day, Month, Year and the battery percentage and it stayed there. Even worst was that I still had problems after activating the new phone so I called Sprint from the old one and the proximity patch still work. After secure erase and ##rtn#

    So since I was having problems with the new phone, I reactivated the old phone, sent it to the doctor, then activated the new phone again.

    So from my experience, the doctor is the only way to completely wipe the phone.

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