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    I hope someone can help. Recently, where I work at times there's no coverage. When I go back out to get a signal, it says the network is disabled. I tried waiting, turning on the airplane mode on/off, but to no avail. Only way to fix it was turning it on and off, which takes FOREVER. WTF? Upon receiving the signal it should bring up the data connection as well.
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    Can you switch it to airplane mode and the back to normal mode? This might work.
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    yeah, I said I did that but that didn't help...
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    I've experienced this same thing a couple times. Once it informed me the network was unavailable and the other time it was stuck in "Searching..."

    You're correct that it occurs when the phone is searching for a signal... it appears the phone puts itself into a tight enough loop while searching that the network just dies and never recovers.

    I've not found any solution except for rebooting the phone... and yes, it does take forever. A 2 year old install of WinXP boots faster! :-p
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    I thought turning the phone on and off doesn't really reboot - on my BB, it was pretty quick, but reconnected to the towers. But damn, this is SLOW. Like, a good 3+ min slow.

    Ah well, I hope the next OS update fixes this. Palm's todo list must be a mile long...
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    I've seen this happen with Wifi and in low signal areas. Seems that the browser gets stuck in a loop of trying to load one particular thing, doesn't recognize that you either hit cancel or closed the program and then when you go to reload you are just sitting there with nothing happening.

    I let it sit there for a long time, 5+min and it eventually did like 100 things all at once in the order I did them and it worked but 99% of the time I'm stuck with having to reset the device for it to work again.

    Very annoying and I'm not really sure what is causing this.

    My first guess is its a site like engadget that takes a long time to load the the browser gets caught up on the last .01% and ends up in some sort of perpetual loop trying to load that one piece of information, queues up the other requests and locks up.

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