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    I have a request for a pre-owning photographer, especially if you happen to own one of the phones that has "yellow spots" or "distortion" at the bottom om the screen.

    My request, is to take some photons of the pre screen, and other LCDs on cell phones if you can, with a POLARIZING filter on the camera.

    So my phone doesn't really have any noticeable distortion, at least not that I notice. Then when using my pre the other day, first time with my polarized sunglasses, I noticed around the bottom of the screen, the polarizing-nature of the sunglass lenses showed some really weird patterns, ESPECIALLY around the bottom of the screen. I've noticed distortion on screens before, especially screens that have anti-glare coatings and such, but this is the most pronounced "change" I've ever noticed when looking through a polarizing lens at an LCD screen.

    For anyone that doesn't know, LCD screens work because the light is polarized. Trying the same glasses with other LCD screens, like my TV, my laptop, another cellphone, I don't see any polarization-specific distortions. This makes sense with the TV and laptop, those screens are huge and high-quality, and have uniform polarization all over the screen, they're perfect. Of course a small screen like on the pre is tougher to make, and impossible to make perfect.

    So can somebody with a distorted pre screen and polarizing filter for their digital camera maybe shed some light on this? I'm mostly just curious if the distortion really is coming just from the polarization of the screen, or if there is a correlation between where the polarization is "messed up" (like around the bottom of my phone) and where those distortions that people see are showing up (which my phone doesn't show, but maybe the polarization is even worse on other phones and that's what's causing the problems).

    Am I onto something, or not at all? Do other phones have severe polarization changes across their screens? I'm not bashing my phone at all, I love it, it's perfect, I don't notice any distortion at all. I'm just curious if other people's problems are coming from light polarization, maybe it could help with future phones to know where the problem is coming from.
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    All LCDs mess up in polarized light. They themselves have a polarized filter. Use your sunglasses, and turn them 90* to most screens and watch them go dark. The Pre is a device that gets rotated often, and as such, I bet it has a radially polarzed filter, so sunglasses can still see them.

    Either way, most/a lot of camera polarized filters are radial, and therefore will not repeat the same thing as the sunglasses.

    That being said, I have one of these phones with the distortion (and a hobbyist photographer). It is in fact not distortion, but the LED backlights not being diffused properly near the bottom of the screen. That's it. The LEDs are probably too close to the diffuser.
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    I remember a post on this a few months ago at ppcgeeks where a guy thought he had a burn in his screen.
    Sunglasses do indeed make the screen look worst. I have no distortion or dicoloration unless looking through my Gargoyles.

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