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    Hello All,

    Looking for some help transferring my contacts from a Treo 755p. I spent 2 hours on the phone with Palm over the weekend and finally got my calendar but no contacts. Any suggestions??

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    I had the same problem using Palm Profile. It was one of the reasons I returned my Pre. I updated my Palm Desktop. Initiated the transfer with the DTA. Waited two hours and nothing of my contacts. Just the Calendar. I then redid the process and waited overnight. Still didn't work.

    Given that there was a partial transfer (Calendar) I have to assume there is a gremlin somewhere in the software.
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    Can someone shed some light on whether I should use Palm Profile or Google to keep my data. I was told that when you add a contact on your Pre it will NOT find its way to Google while it will go to your Palm profile. Person said you have to add contact to Google and then it will migrate to the Pre but not the other way. What's the best system?

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