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    iv got a 32gb 2nd gen touch
    ill be keeping it as its mostly in my dash hooked up to my pioneer, but if i go on trips or the gym its my ipod lol
    would be sweeeet if the pre could match up eventually!
    both devices have their place
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    my wife has a 1st gen touch running the original firmware, the pre is much faster and far smoother in scrolling than the touch. I'm guessing this was fixed in the software updates. not that it isnt amooth just not pre smooth. I imagine the pre will only get better as well.

    I plan on updating to the 3.0 software for my wife's touch now that a few key features will be added.

    on the plus side i should get my pre soon. i will be selling my omnia and n810 if all goes well. i will miss the n810 screen it blows pre/iphone away in resolution and size, and the great webkit browsers with native full flash support, but im tired of carrying so many devices.

    plus i will finally be able to cut my fingernail-stylus.

    boy did that get off topic quick
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    I'm hoping to not take my 1st Gen Touch with me on trips anymore. But I am going to have to get an auxiliary port for my car(come on Honda, this should have been on the 06 Pilot), and better battery life out of the Pre(for my 4-10 hour round trips during soccer season). Otherwise I find the music player on the Pre very capable. Actually used it at the pool today for an hour and a half with no problems. Nice being able to communicate via text and email during that time with no interruptions to my music besides the notification sound.
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    Pre + 8 gig touch

    I agree the touch is more fluid. I now only use my touch as a media remote for my Mac, and hook it up to my ihome alarm clock to stream movies over Wifi when i go to bed.

    The pre has definately a better intuitive OS.

    Also, i tested the web performance side by side with each other over same Wifi and same web pages and the result was that the Pre blew away the touch every time. The pre is two times faster (okay, maybe a third faster).
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    Quote Originally Posted by nKoan View Post
    I have both here too.

    My only complaint is that I keep trying to do the back gesture on the iPod when browsing the web or reading my e-mail.

    yes, i was just going to post this. after i finish a podcast, my thumb moves down to swipe back, then it catches itself and reverses course to tap "back" ah the bad ole days.

    i dont do a lot of web serfing on the touch, so i havent notice any issues with the pre compared to it.
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    i have a first gen touch with 16 gigs, so to move to the pre i would have to erase stuff. I can do that, but currently dont want to.

    I know the pre can sync with itunes, but i dont like that you have to select "media" when you plug it in.
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    Life is what happens between Firmware releases.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kosh56 View Post
    I own both the iPod touch and the Pre.
    The Pre seems to render pages a little quicker and the double-tap to zoom seems a little quicker as well.

    However, scrolling on the Pre seems to fall short of the iPod here. The Pre seems a little more jittery. It's like playing a game at 30 FPS(Pre) versus 60 FPS(iPod). It's not bad, just not nearly as smooth. When I flick to scroll on the iPod it feels silky smooth, but the Pre almost seems as though it's struggling.

    Does anybody else feel the same way?

    Note:I haven't done any browsing via the iPhone so I don't know if it has the same experience as the iPod.

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    I have a 1st Gen 16GB Ipod touch. It really is a very cool device, but I rarely use it these days. I used to use it for working out, but since my old phone (instinct) had the bluetooth stereo profile, I started using that. Now that I've got the Pre, i really only use the Ipod touch for a few games that I have.
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    I can't say I noticed a difference when I had my Iphone on scrolling or zooming but the Pre's browser loads pages faster and never crashes. Safari would crash constantly which got annoying.
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    2nd gen 16GB iPod Touch. I won't deny that it's a well built device. But the Pre is also fantastic. Give Pre a software update or two and some optimization, and everything will be great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thundar View Post
    The Pre is smartphone and the Touch is a media player. The Pre is constantly using resources to monitor cell connection and the Touch can entirely devote the CPU to the task at hand.

    Like comparing a Luxury Sedan vs. a Motorcycle at a drag strip.
    You have no idea what you are talking about. The Touch is an iPhone without the phone (which BTW consumes very little CPU when just monitoring a connection).

    A more likely explanation for the differences is all Pre apps are basically web apps displaying their UI via the Webkit interface and written in Javascript. Most iPhone/iPod Touch apps are written in native Objective C and use a mature native GUI API.
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    I use my 16GB Touch exclusively at the gym. It's just a better media player.
    Also for games and surfing the web at home..the itouch just a bigger screen but the pre is equally as good
    Pre for everything else, and i could not use an iphone as my phone as much as i love the itouch.
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