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    The current version of the YouTube application doesn't allow you to view your favorites. So I thought of a quick and dirty method to list your favorites and have easy access to them.

    First bring up Google Reader in the browser and click the "Feeds" button. Then in the search field, enter in the following URL: "" (replace "YOUR_YOUTUBE_USERNAME" with your youtube username).

    Then save the resulting page as a bookmark. It will show you the first 50 favorites in your YouTube account. The YouTube API only allows 50 favorites to show up in this RSS feed, so to view the rest of your favorites, you'll need to create new feeds and set the "start-index" value in the URL to 51, 101, etc.

    When you click on one of your favorites, you'll see the video's description. Click the "See Original" link to launch the YouTube app and watch the video.
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    I was just doing a search and found this answer from 3 months ago.

    Thanks, Dan!

    - Craig

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