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    I thought my screen was becoming less touch sensitive over time. For example, I would sometimes tap repeatedly to answer a call, but the call would go to voicemail anyway. Very frustrating.

    However, I've concluded that the screen is fine -- my Pre is simply slowing down. When I tap to end a call, it takes 2+ seconds for the tap to process. At first I tapped multiple times, thinking the tap wasn't registering. But I've figured out that I can tap just once, wait a couple of seconds, and the tap will process. Same with tapping a "Dismiss" button on a notification, the dial button on the phone, etc etc.

    Anybody else have this problem?

    I've done a Partial Erase (the middle level restart option). Seems to have helped somewhat, but there's still a delay. Definitely not what the Pre was fresh out of the box. I haven't heard any complaints about a particular application.

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    I've had nothing that severe, but I have noticed the Pre slowing down by the time I get to the end of the day (which typically includes 2-3 hours of web usage). But a regular reset seems to fix that right away. Also, sometimes if I just close all the open cards and wait a second or two, everything is better.
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