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    I did something like this with a friend of mines about two years ago we actually put then bangbros website homepage on all of the macs we could get our hands on, and even changed the screensaver on alot of them :-P
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    Thats a good one.

    If everyone does this at an apple store they going start checking for people with pre's and not let you enter. lol
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    I was tempted to go to the Genius Bar to get them to fix the Bluetooth on my MBP and pair it with my Pre.
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    Someone should create a url with some type of funny pic... Like a palm beating up an iphone.. Put a counter on the page with some stats about how many clicks and lets start redirecting macs nationwide. Just for kicks.. Bet it'll make some blog-o-sphere headlones..... "Pre users advertise in Apple stores...."
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    Ah, don't the iPhone zealots hate us Preople enough already? Funny stuff, though. ( : The local library has a lot of macs, and in my younger days one of my favorite past times was going there and setting several of them to text-to-speech a text document containing only a single letter (usually R) thousands of times. It was hilarious to watch the librarian furiously go around trying to find and stop the affected systems.
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    How about setting the home page in the browser to:
    Mike Dixon
    Software Developer
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    That f------ awesome!!!
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