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  • Yes - Was there when I got it and it has gotten worse

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    I have yet to make the Pre plunge. However, I currently have a Q9c and as anyone who has owned one of these phones can attest, dust under the screen is a major issue. I would hate to spend my hard-earned $ on a Pre only to be saddled with the exact same issue. If I bought one and that happened I would probably come unglued.

    I've seen more than a few posts throughout various forums where people have mentioned dust under the Pre screen. Is this a valid concern? For those that do have dust does it appear that it is more likely that the dust was trapped under during manufacturing of the phone or that there is a design defect with the Pre (like the Q9c) that allows dust to accumulate constantly under the screen?

    Thanks in advance for the responses/information.
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    First, I meant to select option 3, but wasn't paying close enough attention.

    Second, I do believe that dust is a valid concern for potential purchasers. I'm impressed with the Pre, but am getting the distinct impression that this is not so much a version 1.0 product, than it is a .75 product. Though this is not even remotely on topic, I'd note that-aside from the dust issue-I've also encountered problems with excessive heat on my Pre (search for "distortion" "white spot" "white blotches", and you'll see many posts regarding this issue). This heat causes annoying white spots contrasting against darker backgrounds, and can get so bad that portions of the screen turn yellow against white backgrounds; these distortions disappear after the phone has been allowed to cool.

    Just today, I was in a meeting accessing the internet via EVDO, and the phone got quite warm. A large heat spot on the screen (lower right corner) appeared within just a few minutes of use, and was sufficient enough to cause my palms to sweat. There's a lot of equipment stuffed into the Pre, and I'm starting to believe that all of that advanced tech may be too much for such a small device.

    In my estimation, the dust issue is just one of several that have not been worked out by Palm, and that is symptomatic of the Pre. As of this writing I'm considering returning the phone, and waiting until build and quality issues are resolved by Palm and its manufacturing partners. Excessive heat under normal, light use is scary, especially when heat can cause premature device failure. I have another 3 weeks to evaluate the phone, but, again, as of this writing, I'm leaning towards returning the device.

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