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    After more than a week of the phone being continuously hot and the battery draining completely in less than three hours, suddenly everything is fine. I have used the phone moderately for eight hours today and still have 90% battery. I am using the phone in the same location and receiving the same signal strength as when the problem was occuring. I updated the phone on the first day and have not had any updates since.

    Could the original problem have been caused by the back-up feature? I had loaded more than a GIG of music on the day that I purchased the phone. Were the Palm servers so busy that it took a week to back-up the data?
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    Well considering that they don't backup anything on the mass storage accessible section, I doubt it has anything to do with the backup and your music.
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    I'm noticing my battery life is appearing longer as well. Maybe i'm not playing with it as much, and just actually using it. I was averaging about 65% battery by lunch. I'm currently at 89%
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    I think the novelty factor is wearing off and we're using our Pres like our previous phones.
    Or the batteries need a week of solid use to be broken in.
    For me, I noticed my gmail was updating every 15 minutes, when I switched that to manual, my battery life improved.
    My top concern is the battery heating up during long use or charging and that seems to be improving too.
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    I'm also noticing huge improvements on my battery life.

    I've done multiple tests, and so far, removing Gmail (something I don't want to do as an ongoing solution), leaving WiFi on, and using it as normal (about 30 total minutes of web browsing over EvDo on commute to work, lots of texting, some music playing while browsing, and a handful of etc like weather apps, calendar use) has left me, after 10.5 hours of being on a full charge at 71%.

    I'm very shocked by this - I was having no luck with Gmail set to manual, as it was still pushing at various intervals (I know there are open threads about this "bug"). Could the email syncing just be "not there" yet? It's such a big difference in battery life that I've been checking Gmail via the web until more data comes in about this.
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    Interesting to hear that battery life seems to be improving as the phone gets broken in. Just got my Pre yesterday and fully charged the battery last night. I left for work about 8.5 hours ago and have only moderately used the phone during the day. I'm down to 32% battery...should I be concerned? Seems to be going down faster than it should.
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    Wiz, that's exactly what was happening to me. Granted, if you just purchased it, you may not have had time to tweak it for optimum battery life yet - the forums have some great tips on that (disabling GPS, lowering brightness, etc).

    But, despite using the same settings from a week ago, I'm now at 40%, and I used the battery on the way home (web over EvDo for half hour), then made phone calls, texts. Didn't beat it, but I'm still really really shocked.

    Give it some time to "break in". Dunno - still convinced that Gmail was a big difference maker, but I guess I'll see as we go forward.
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    I just posted in the "Batery Life = Great!" thread:

    Hmm, suddenly I'm doing MUCH better, too.

    - Gmail checks every 15 mins
    - Brightness slider set under the H-T in "Brightness"
    - Screen off after 1 minute and hit power switch when done
    - Wifi on, Bluetooth off
    - Roaming off
    - Moderate use - a couple calls, showed it off to someone, web reading, Tweeting, checking mail, etc.

    9 hours off the charger and I'm at 56%! Last week, I was <10% in that time and other than not fussing with it all the time, the only major change was to shut off roaming.
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    That is crazy how people's battery life is improving.. Wish mine was
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    I set both my email accounts to get mail "as items arrive" and I really think it helps increase the battery life
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    I do have mine set as items arrive as well.. I don't have two account since my work account wont work.. Boo
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    here is a thread i've been trying to keep up to date...
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    Guys, your batteries are also showing signs of longer battery life due to conditioning. It's normal.
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    Mine improved steadily for the first day or so, but seemed to plateau at an acceptable, but not great, 10-12 hours. Admittedly, I've disregarded most of the email-related battery saving tips - my Pre's job is to keep me abrest of my work email and schedule, so it has to sync up to the minute, or as close as possible. I'll also confess that I do use it quite a bit more than I used my old Windows Mobile cellphone, which would explain a large portion of the battery drain. I don't mind though - I'm never away from home for more than a 10 hour stretch, and I just make sure to get it on the charger ASAP when returning home.
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    I am getting better battery life too as long as I don't use Sprint Nav very often. On the days I use that, my battery life is horrible. Any connection?
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    I've been all over these threads since my battery too has dramatically improved!!!

    Last night I still had 30% left after 12+ hrs of usage (light to moderate)

    One thing i noticed was it started right after i followed the Pre manual instructions one day ... My battery the tues after the Pre was released was at like 20% by 11-12ish and i had brought my charger to work. I topped her off and by almost 1pm it was full. Well after that one top off my battery has been just lasting longer and longer as the days go on, and with it being on a routine now (charging it all night when i go to sleep, it lasts all day/night long) its amazing ...

    I actually use the thing more than my laptop now, i love it ...
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    Same here. It is 4:37 eastern. With wifi on and GPS off I'm currently at 77% which is a big improvement over a week ago where at shortly after 4 I was in the low 50s with the same settings.
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    Here too 4:03 CDT
    8 1/2 hours into the day and I'm at 85% with checking email several times a few texts and web pages. The first full day (Saturday) it died by 7:00, yesterday I had 27% left at end of day and looks like I'll have more tonight. I haven't been doing much different and I would chalk it up to conditioning too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bo4uofm View Post
    I am getting better battery life too as long as I don't use Sprint Nav very often. On the days I use that, my battery life is horrible. Any connection?
    Sprint Nav is a huge battery drain. The good news is that I've found that the Sprint car charger can more than keep up with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bo4uofm View Post
    I am getting better battery life too as long as I don't use Sprint Nav very often. On the days I use that, my battery life is horrible. Any connection?
    Considering the GPS is on and the screen never goes out while you're driving, of course. That beautiful screen is a power hog.

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