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    I'm not sure if this is a pre hardware problem -- but it certainly cripples its usefulness as a phone.

    The first few days I had the phone the screen would turn on if I pulled it away from my ear. NOW, it only turns back on if someone hangs up first, otherwise it stays off and no amount of shaking turns it on (sometimes shaking it can make the screen flicker on but it goes immediately off). Totally sucks when trying to leave a voicemail! I can't even tap on the screen -- and the power button, volume buttons, keyboard don't turn it back on.

    The only thing I found that works is to soft reset -- which takes forever and sucks -- or to plug the phone into a wall charger. Usb into a computer does not work.

    Should I take the phone back? Anyone know how to fix this?
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    I was having that problem when I first got my phone and so was my wife, but once we removed the protective sceen cover that came with the phone the problem went away....Not sure if this helps?
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    I have the exact same problem, but I dont have to do a hang up to get the phone back. It comes back after the call ends. I think they have some work do to on the code that handles the screen blanking when it is up to your ear.

    When Im on bluetooth I will save the battery and turn the screen off on purpose but than I might need a phone number or to take a note and I cant get the screen back on. It totally sucks.
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    If this is happening then most likely your proximity sensor is bad and you should take it to a Sprint repair center to get replaced.
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    I am on my 2nd pre. My 1st lasted 11 days the evening of 11th day I make a call when done I go to hamg up my screen is still blank, I pulled the batt & all was ok till I made another call & same thing but tried soft reset & got it all back. Went to ## where I boight it demonstrated issue & they reolaced. Have had this 2nd one for 3 weeks & no issues (xcept oreo a little)
    p.s. A few days B4 this whole issue the screen would flicker after a phone call for a few seconds I just thought it was my hand in way of sensor.
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    I just got my Pre over the weekend thanks to BB's $79.99 sale price. I was having the same problem and was going nuts. I tried your suggestions SWard and it seems to have fixed it. Thanks.

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