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    Been Lurking here for the past couple of days since I got my Pre. Great Forum with lots of good info.

    Anyways on to my first question of what will probably be many My apologies if this has been covered I have searched under missed calls, notifications, and some other keywords and didn't see this covered.

    If I miss a call, the next time I open my phone there is the little icon in the lower left, looks like an old analog handset with a bounced arrow. When I click on that it pulls up the full notification of Missed Call from caller ID info blah blah blah. Great. Now if I click on that Notifcation bar it pulls up the dialer and automatically calls the person back. Great so far. But what if it is someone I don't want to call back? I tried hitting the center button. It minimizes the notification back down to the bounced arrow icon in the lower left. I tried the power button, same result.

    So here is the meat of the question, How do I get rid of that icon without calling the person back? Only way I have found is to click on the notification and pray I can click on hangup faster than it can dial Has to be a better more discreet way

    Thanks for the help.
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    Click on the notification to pull it up, then swipe it left to get rid of it. If you swipe it down, it'll just put the notification back as an icon.
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    Damn that was simple I feel stupid now

    Thanks for the help!
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    I was wondering this too as I often DO NOT want to call the missed number back. My preference would have been to go to the missed calls list. Anyway, I found this info in a posting by "mhemmes" on the forum and found it very helpful!

    <begin quote>
    Okay here's how it works (and this is the case with most notifications):

    In the missed call case, you receive a call but don't answer, resulting in a missed call. You look at your phone and see the missed call, the missed call notification consists of a missed call icon/graphic and the caller info. Here are your options (I assume you unlocked the phone if needed):

    - Tapping the missed call icon on the left will bring you to the call log
    - Tapping the caller info in the center of the notification will call that caller back

    In the case of an email, the same basic concept remains:
    - Click the icon to go to the list of emails
    - Click the center of the notification and you'll open that email

    You can ignore almost any alert by swiping the notification off screen (left or right).

    P.S. Swiping notifications away, does not delete them.
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    <end quote>

    Here's the link to the thread (minus the http prefix since I can't post actual links yet):
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    I am replying to this message because I wanted to post my findings, but I searched first. Figured I would give this thread a bump and maybe help out someone else.

    I accidentally "swept" an notification to the right and was pleasantly surprised when it disappeared off the bottom of the screen.
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