I've had my Pre six days and other than a couple of odd hiccups and the pathetic battery life, been loving it, but something just happened that freaked me out and causes great worry now.

I was looking at my Sprint bill online and noticed the jerks had billed me for the days between June 6-8 even though I didn't get delivery and activate the phone until June 9th. Sheesh. Call Sprint customer service (*2) and when I got the second prompt to pick a department, I pulled the phone down and there was no keypad. Huh? Press the center button and I could hear a staccato sound like an old rotary dialer and then the Palm logo comes up. Double huh? After it reboots, the screen is blank black with no wallpaper. Bring up photos and it says there are NO PHOTOS PRESENT. WTF?!?!? Even the supplied wallpapers were gone.

Not only were the photos gone, but the two albums, four podcasts and a couple of self-made videos I'd copied over via iTunes. Photos taken last night, lost. Fortunately, I had just copied all the camera shots and wallpapers I'd DLed onto my laptop last night before going out, but still. All my apps looked to be in place as well as contacts. Hmmm...let's plug it into a computer and see what it looks like.

I plugged it into my work Dell (WinXP SP2) and it saw the device as a Pre and loaded drivers, but when I opened Explorer, it didn't show it as a drive. In the notifications corner of the phone, it showed a USB icon. Tapping it brought up an alert saying to tap to use it as a USB Drive or Media Sync. I selected USB Drive and it appeared to bring up the screen for that, then it went back to the main screen. Did it again; same result. The WTF factor rises.

I look in Explorer and still see no drive letter or item for the Pre so I unplugged the cable and one of the stock wallpapers suddenly appears as well as an exclamation point and the message:
No data was recoverable. The USB Drive has been reformatted. Always eject your phone from your desktop computer before disconnecting.
1. There was no option to eject the drive.

2. Reformatted? Huh?!?!?

I ejected the phone from the PC and it flashed the Palm logo and faded to the desktop where it clanged and put up this message:
Some data was damaged, but has been recovered. Always eject your phone from your desktop computer before disconnecting.
Went to change the wallpaper via Photos, but when I hit the Set Wallpaper button, it says, "Failed to set wallpaper." Went to Screen and Lock and tried changing wallpaper there and it says "Setting Wallpaper" and the icon spins, but nothing finishes. Shut it off by holding down power switch. Restarted it and the wallpaper changed. Hmmmm.

Looked at my call log and the calls were there, but a friend who I had call me so I could capture her phone number and then added her as a new contact was missing. The call was there, but the contact wasn't. Checked Google and the contact hadn't synced in the 10 hours between adding it and the boot/nuke.

This is pretty crazy to me. Anyone else seen this?

BTW: what is the fraking deal about not being able to edit addresses on the phone without them automatically reverting, yet they don't even show online in Google Contacts?