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    My battery has been absolutely horrible...losing 1% every 5 minutes or so while on idle.

    Here is a breakdown from the past 20 minutes

    2:04pm - 41 %
    • No e-mail set up
    • No contacts
    • No messaging service
    • No GPS
    • No Bluetooth
    • No Wifi
    • Roam off (set to Sprint only)
    • Scren @ 0%
    • Screen off after 30 seconds
    • Good EVDO service (sitting in class)

    2:06pm - 40%
    * Sent 2 text messages
    2:11pm - 38%
    * Light facebook usage
    2:15pm - 37%
    2:21pm - 36%
    2:25pm - 35%

    I have done the steps found on this and other message boards trying to get better battery life. Do you all have any other ideas, or do I just have a bad battery/phone?

    I love the phone, but it's unusable as it is right now.

    I look forward to your all's feedback
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    I followed some advice I've read on the forums.

    But from what I understand, you shouldn't do a full drain and then charge.

    So the first day you could set some things up on the phone but then fully charge it and the use and always top the battery off when you can.

    I thought I had a faulty battery too, but in two days time my battery is running incredibly well. I guess there is something to the whole battery conditioning thing.

    Give it a couple days and see if you notice any changes.

    I don't have AIM installed, keep gtalk off if i'm not using, gps location off and wifi on whenever i'm around a point i can use.
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