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    Google voicemail stopped working for me (and a lot of other people) around the end of december/first of the year. Calls that get forwared to Gvoicemail get an error message and they cant leave a voicemail. Happend to quite a few people judging from the complaints on the various help and troubble boards.

    So, I signed up for YouMail and am very pleased with how it is working. You don't need the Pre App to use it, you can sign up on their website and get SMS notifications or emials sent to you and it works great. However, the PreApp is really slick. Like it a lot. Also I signed up for the trial transcription service. Much better than google's Like it so muc, I'm even going to pay for a year's worth of voice transcriptions.
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    that's weirdness. my gv is forwarding with no problems.
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    I love YouView. It's turning into really slick app. Had a couple hiccups with Youmail, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arcane View Post
    that's weirdness. my gv is forwarding with no problems.

    Yeah, its not everybody (yet) but more and more people are starting to report problems. First people said started happening near end of December. Hit me first week of January If interested here are a couple links:

    Google Voicemail not working - Google Voice Help

    Callers have to enter my phone number before hearing voice mail. - Google Voice Help

    Callers having to enter my phone number in twice to leave a voicemail through Google Voice? - Google Voice Help

    Lots of other posts on issue scattered amoungst the threads in the help forums. Myself and a number of others have also reported it to Google on through their troublshooting pages where you can send them a message as to the problem but, to date, nobody has gotten a response.
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    Nice app. Easy sign up. Couple questions. Do you get an alternate phone # like gDial pro? If not, can it be used in conjunction with gDial pro ?
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