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    I just got it yesterday and it just shuts off by itself. I paid a small fortune for this phone (I didn't get rebates) and I am wondering if this is a serious issue or if there might be a fix for this. I am considering returning it because while I LOVE the phone, I need it to be ON! HELP!
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    One day after we purchased it (Saturday, June 20), my wife's Pre shut down by itself. Since then, it has done it at least one or twice each day.

    She can power it back on without problems, until it does it again.

    We are going to exchange it.
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    Weirdly enough, mine does it also. Maybe happened 5 times since 6/6. It seems to be related to the Music app somehow, but I need more sampling to be sure. Not a huge deal, but monitoring closely to see what my next step will be.

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