View Poll Results: Have You Scratched Your Pre's Screen Already???

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  • No, it's still perfect.

    394 65.67%
  • Yes, minor (e.g. invisible during screen on)

    100 16.67%
  • Yes, moderate (e.g. slight visibility during screen on)

    89 14.83%
  • Yes, severe (e.g. can't bear with it anymore)

    17 2.83%
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    As title. Photos and descriptions will be welcomed.
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    no scratches yet... but it sure does get greesey!
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    Greasy as hell. I keep mine in the case that it came with and it works great. Til I get a zagg
  4. d94
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    not a single mark. iv dropped it a few times
    dont plan on protecting it either
    its nice as is!
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    The numbers look good so far.
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    im scratched mine...its slight...but im so insanely careful with it...not sure when it happned...

    went to the mall...had the Zagg kiosk put full invisible shield on it better with out the IS but....
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    Yes there is a curve sractch near the edge of the left side of the phone, don't know how I got it but is only noticeable if you are really looking hard. I love my Palm Pre!
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    i started getting little spider web very light scratches on the back so I went ahead and bought the bestskinsever shield. Not as sexy but 90% there. Worth it not being as sexy since i no longer treat it like its made out of porcelain
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    No scratches yet - I'm having a screen protector installed today to head it off at the pass.
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  10. Andries's Avatar
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    no scratches - bse put on last night
  11. DNic's Avatar
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    None. I left the factory cover on until I received the bodyguardz protector.
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    No scraches (yet). But definitely gets greasey... I find myself obsessively cleaning it with a microfiber cleaning cloth.
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    Got Phantom Skinz all over my Pre. Sparkling clean!!
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    Not a single scratch on the screen or case. Pre still looks brand new. I clean mine everyday with Windex and a soft paper towel.

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    To those who voted yes, bother to post some pics?
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    Quote Originally Posted by KnightZero77 View Post
    No scratches yet - I'm having a screen protector installed today to head it off at the pass.
    Who is doing the install? Id rather have someone do it to, i always mess these things up lol.
  17. edlex's Avatar
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    No screen scratches yet but does have a small crack on lower left corner from drop onto tile about 6 hrs after purchase at launch. Waiting for improved hardware revision before I use TEP.
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    I took my key to the demo Pre at the store and it didn't scratch it

    not sure how anyone may have scratched theirs unless they dropped it or put it in their pocket with something really sharp
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    Something really sharp, or sharp edged. Yep, that's me. Stupid, I know, and even more stupid than that I had an ugly screen protector on it they I ripped off of it the day before.

    Live and learn, and learn how to repair a scratched touch screen.

    I'll let you know how the Brasso experiment goes.
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    No scratches here yet! But I'm started worrying lately, I think I will pick up an IS along with my TS this afternoon.
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