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  • No, it's still perfect.

    394 65.67%
  • Yes, minor (e.g. invisible during screen on)

    100 16.67%
  • Yes, moderate (e.g. slight visibility during screen on)

    89 14.83%
  • Yes, severe (e.g. can't bear with it anymore)

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    I was very careful with my Pre. I always carried it in the sleeve that it comes with and pretty much only had it out to use or charge. I noticed today that it has a pretty sizable scratch running vertically from the right gesture area to about midpoint on the screen. It's actually in the area that I gesture the most, so it could be a wear mark. Nonetheless, I was pretty surprised as I am pretty cautious with it.

    I think that I'll put a screen protector on it. Does anyone think that this will make the scratch less noticeable? At least it will prevent more scratches.

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    I dropped and scratched my FIRST Pre, but it was barely noticeable. However, I learned my lesson from that and quickly put a screen protector on my new one (well, refurb).
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    MS. Kady very nice picture..

    I just scratched my screen and I don't know how. I will get a different one but what is the best screen protector?
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    no scratches on mine....Phantom Skinz rock!!!
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    Not a mark on mine, but I am very, very careful with it. If it's not sitting on my desk it's either in the pouch that came with it or the official Palm Pre belt clip case.

    But, man, does it get greasy. I use a soft lens cloth but I think that just moves the grease around. As someone wrote in another post, I think the grease helps protect it from scratches.

    I can't believe that Palm doesn't include any cleaning instructions in the official user guide. When you buy a PC or TV they'll tell you how to clean the screen. What's the matter with you, Palm?
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    Perfect....IS installed day after I got it
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    I have treated my phone like baby jesus and there are scratches all over it. It sickens me.
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    I was sitting on my deck enjoying the sunshine when my son came out (special needs) and grabbed it, flipped it on its' face and rubbed it along the surface of the table. Lots of hairline scratches, none of which are visible when it is on.

    Nothing like rubbing a shiny pre against a pane of glass with a little dust in between...
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    I have a huge scratch down the center of the phone. I also have numerous scratches on the edges. I am presently polishing the scratches out of the sides with 3M plastic polish (39010). A little goes a long way. I may try to polish out the major scratch, but the oreo effect of this phone is so bad right now, I may just warranty it out with Palm for a new one.
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    I very careful and it seems to resist little scratches well. Mine is right down the middle of the screen and is a result of bad luck. Listening to a podcast, made a sudden turn in my car and the phone slid between the seat. The way it slid down it jammed against a windshield wiper I had recently replace and did not realize was between the seat, this put a deep scratch right down the visible screen and it's as annoying as hell. I'm so careful with it, I had bought a screen protector but did not use it as I haven't had a day to have the phone off to install. Wish I had now.

    Overall, I would say that Palm has created a screen that resists scratches fairly well. I compare this to my video IPOD that would scratch if the wind blew dust against it(seemed that way).

    BTW - This is the best phone I've ever owned for phone calls/quality. That is amazing as must smartphones don't make good talking phones. This product was very well thought out. The few glitches are weakenesses have either been resolved by Palm, or can be 'patched' by 3rd party patches using preware tool. Add in the seidio battery(which lasts for 2 days on heavy use) and shoot, there is not a better phone on the market.
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