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    What exactly gets backed up to palm profile every day? I'm assuming preferences and settings.

    sms conversations?
    call history?
    Bookmarks in the Webbrowser?

    Has anyone tried it?
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    Me would like to have a definitive answer as well
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    Here are a few thing I noticed that were NOT backed up:
    Web Bookmarks
    SMS messages
    Calendar colors
    Linked contacts (manually linked)
    Speed dial numbers
    Wifi password(s)
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    my tasks and memo's did NOT backup
    ***I Twitter***

    Stop complaining & start doing ---> Leave feedback/suggestions for Palm here
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    Hmmm, my memo did back up, as did my calendar colors.

    All my accounts were there, but I had to reset the Facebook password.

    It turned on IM automatically, I always leave it off.

    No SMS, no bookmarks, no wifi, no pictures/wallpaper.
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    Maybe I'll set up a network sniffer here in the house and see if I can capture what all it sends...
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    When I did a restore, it restored contacts stored in palm profile, official apps downloaded from the app store, Email settings (though I had to redo it since it wasn't working right), and that's about it.

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