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    I know there aren't that many of us, but I'm wondering if there may be some commonality with what we did or the types of pictures that we moved. So here are what I think are the pertinent questions, please feel free to add or modify the questions if you think they will or won't help.

    1. How many pictures did you copy to the Pre?
    2. What device(s) did you use to take the pictures?
    3. Size range of pics?
    4. USB or Media Sync?
    5. What folder on the Pre did you copy them to?

    And my answers:

    1. The smallest number to cause my lockup was 8 pics, after having already loaded about 30 pics successfully.
    2. Probably about 70% from my Treo 700P (with the 755P rom hack), 20% from the Sprint Picture Mail site, and the rest from a Canon SD600 6MP camera.
    3. Anywhere from 17KB to 2MB
    4. USB. I can't figure out how people get pictures over via the Media Sync.
    5. I started out in the DCIM folder making my own folders in there. I then tried making my own folders outside the DCIM one with no success either.

    I have heard that emailing pics to myself would work, but I have almost 300 pics I want on my phone and that just seems like a lot of work. Maybe we can figure out a cause and go from there.

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    No lock up for me.
    1: 43
    2: Saved images from web for wallpapers
    3: 50kb-200kb
    4: Media Sync
    5: ??? whatever folder iTunes moved it too, I guess the media sync folder.
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    My phone never locked up when transferring pictures.

    1) About 2,100 images
    2) The images were from different devices. Several digital cameras & my previous phone (Treo 680)
    3) Between 25kb to 1mb
    4) USB Mode
    5) I created different folders within the DCIM folder
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    Might want to add file format as well. More info is better when it comes to troubleshooting.
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    Mine were all jpegs. I'm starting to feel like it must be the ones from the Sprint Picture Mail site. I'll experiment with that shortly.
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    I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT!!! One picture is causing my issue. It was taken with my 700P (which is running the 755P ROM). The picture does not outwardly appear corrupt in any way. There are four other pictures taken in the same time frame that load on the Pre fine. I can put 100s of pictures on with no problem now, but when I put that one picture on, the Photos app starts clocking and I get the "Critical Memory/Too many cards" errors, even if it is the only pic on the phone. Just weird. Oh well, now I can truly start enjoying the Pre now. Thanks everyone for you info and input as I have asked a few different questions related to this issue!

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