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    I'm keeping it because I HATE APPLE!....naw just kidding.

    I'm keeping it because I'm the kind of kid that digs the the zenith where Functionality, the practical meets Aesthetic, the simple.

    I can't tell you how giddy I become when I navigate my phone with my thumb, gesturing up, down, left and right like some kind of twisted conductor manipulating social networks, music and the web and my contacts. There is something gorgeous about that smooth obsidian stone sitting on top of its Black and Orange case on my desk. I have my complaints about it. But for the most part any piece of electronics that actually "Feels" good to operate is worth keeping, in my opinion. I really hope they keep a similar body, perhaps next time putting a bit more love into its craftsmenship. A metal body, a glass screen, a truly tight sliding mechanism would all just make it more of a joy to use.

    I even enjoy the small keypad. I for one do miss my flip phones ability to text quickly-accurately and easily with one hand. My instinct took this away, the Pre brings it back, albeit slightly more complicated, hardly impossible.

    So yeah, I'm keepin my Pre.
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    I'm keeping my Pre because I enjoy it more than any phone I've ever owned.
    "Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow." óL. Ron Hubbard
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    Quote Originally Posted by ImmaSlave4U View Post
    I'm keeping my Pre because I enjoy it more than any phone I've ever owned.
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    yep iv had mine for six days and i can deffinetly say im enjoying the phone even if my battery lasts only six hours and i carry two spares, and i have white spots on my screen for a launch product its badass and i know the flaws will be worked out, updated will come and the phone can only get better and refined over time
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    Quote Originally Posted by gigaorg View Post
    The number one reason: Cost! My Sprint Plan has a 24% discount because of where I work. AT&T is giving no corporate discounts for the IPhone. So for just over $50, I am getting unlimmited data, unlimited SMS/MMS, navigation, TV, etc. It ends up being an extra $35 or more for the same package per month!

    - My Battery is getting me through the day and beyond
    - The hacks have been awesome (especially the new page and the date/time stamp)
    Hmm I got 15% discount on my iPhone service with my Company. But I get 20% with sprint, plus I like my Pre

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    I will likely be keeping mine. I have really loved Synergy and the OS is just awesome. The camera is just too good for a smartphone. I do hope they fix some of the battery issues, add voice dialing (come on cheap-*** phones have this), and I am a little concerned about the reports of durability.
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    I'm keeping it because I'm bored with iPhones and want something different.

    And because it has a keyboard.
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    I'm keeping mine because the other day I was texting a friend and I couldn't figured out how to spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

    Instead of closing out the text and start over....I easily swipe it aside and typed in supercali blah blah blah and universal search brought up google.

    I didn't even break a sweat.

    So tell me can the iphone or any other phone do that? NO......
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    Keeping because:
    1. I know it's going to get better.
    2. I know it's going to have mega apps, (that are useful)
    3. It is the best phone I have ever owned.
    4. Has a decent camera with quick response.
    5. I like Sprint pricing.
    6. I have good coverage.

    I love Apple, I own three of their computers: Imac @ work, Pro @ home, MBPro inbetween.
    I don't care for the iphone.
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    Im keeping mine because WebOS is great, multitasking, keyboard feels awesome, price is good and Sprint has great coverage where I live.
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