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    Quote Originally Posted by BlaqkAudio View Post
    AT&T will definitely offer tethering. There would be too big of an uproar for them to not offer tethering after the Apple announcing tethering support in iPhone OS 3.0. Question is whether or not tethering will be free.
    I guess we'll see in a few days. 5 bux says I'm right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zone97 View Post
    Found this article on Gizmodo this morning. [Personally, I think Palm and Sprint are both Foolish to believe that when not if tethering is discovered that it wont spread on the internet like wild fire. Sprint needs to understand that tethering is not optional in this day and age. Why on gods green earth would we WANT to pay for a separate internet data device when the phone on our hip or pocket will do the exact same thing for FREE... And it should be free.
    This is all ridiculous.. 6 years ago I had a Samsung phone from Sprint that had no bells and whistles as phones today and I was able to connect my phone to my laptop and run it is a modem to access the internet. I was never charged for data or any other 'extra' charges provided I did not pass my monthly minutes in the plan. In fact all phones had this capability and for those who did not know how to obtain the driver and run it, there was a company (sold at radio shack) that offered a program that managed your phones contacts, notes etc and also allowed you to use your phone as a modem when connected to your computer. So for Sprint or any other cell phone company to block this is not right. They force you to have all access data plans when you have a blackberry or other internet based phones like the Palm yet they limit your use only to the device! what happens in those emergency issues at the airport that you have a large presentation to send that your phone can not handle? and you dont want to pay for internet access at the airport? you are paying for internet access already on your phone! it should be allowed to access the internet in any form, sure put a cap on it or link it to your minutes used. but to ban it is truthfully a limitation of access based on the plan that you agree to!!
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