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    I'm wanting to switch my family and I to sprint for the pre. If we activate online we don't have to pay the activation fee at $36/per line. However, the Pre can only be activated in store. I know this isn't a huge deal but with 5 lines, online activation would save $180. Does anyone know of a way to activate some of the phones in your plan online then activate the Pre in-store or doing it all in-store and getting the fee waived for switching carriers? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks
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    Your best bet would be to find a friendly sales person who could help you out. I can't see them not helping you out to get the sale for 5 phones and lines.
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    Right now I think Sprint is have a No Activation Fee sale....So this might be the best time.
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    if you complain/let the know, they can waive them easily

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