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    my blackberry pearl 8130 crashed or froze 5 times a day at the end. if i was running pandora and i got an email... forget about it. my pre? its solid as a rock. do i wish the pre came out two month later with a few more features and a few bug fixes. NO WAY.
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    Concerning issues with the phone, I also think its important to remember that in the first weekend 100,000 Pres were sold and the members here at precentral represent a very small number of Pre owners. .

    I think you got your sales stats wrong. More like 50k sold on the weekend.

    Early Palm Pre sales solid but new rivals due soon by Reuters: Yahoo! Tech
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    So, he missed it by a few days:

    From the same article you so kindly provided:

    "We believe that between 90,000 units and 100,000 units were sold in the first week," he said. "Given the high number of people still on waiting lists ... the company appears to be on track to exceed our previous August quarter unit shipment estimate of 500,000."

    Pretty good for such a horrible phone, huh?
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