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    I don'treally miss my Treo 755p, except for a couple of things.

    On the Treo, you can set up email to automatically send a copy of all emails to a specified BCC address. Can this be done on the Pre?
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    nope.another good Treo email feature removed,,,
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    Say it ain't so!!!

    I really need this feature... for my company email account which I access via POP... so the emails I send on my Pre will show up on my desktop PC.

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    well, that's a feature of the e-mail client... I can't remember the name of the packaged app with the Treos (Palm version). Was it a feature of that app or did you use a different software like Chatter?
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    I guess you could add your address to each contact you have so it auto sends to you - temp fix.
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    much needed +1

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