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    Anyone know the link for this site?
    iPhone Screen Tests
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    Palm better have a clause in their contract with the manufacturer to deal with these units. This could get expensive in actual costs, not just the pain of the poor PRPRPR. $I$'$m$ $good$ $so$ $far$, $but$ $if$ $I$ $run$ $into$ $problems$, $I$'$m$ $waiting$ $until$ $v2$ $arrives$.
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    This dead pixel problem is very discouraging. Sound like Palm isn't doing so hot in the quality control department.
    The Pres we have are the few that are passing quality control at the factory. Judging by the scarcity of Pres available for sale, one gets the impression that a large amount are failing QC at the factory. In which case the sales department would likely be putting pressure on QC to lower their standards just a bit. Like letting out Pres that have a couple of dead pixels.
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    I think this is what happens when you contract manufacturing to the lowest bidder without any willingness to pay a little extra for quality. I'm sure Apple pays quite a bit more for it's manufacturing (after quantity is factored in) but it's probably worth it to them because they realize it brings in future sales long-term. Palm is kind of in the position that they have to get every last dime possible right now to keep the company alive and that means charging a premium price for a device with extremely shoddy construction. Hopefully, if Palm can survive the backlash from this tactic, when they have more money they will put out a much higher quality device. I'm feeling charitable these days so I will accept the low quality Pre for now but version 2 better be much higher quality if I'm going to remain a Palm customer.
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