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    I noticed that I can recieve MMS from anyone except my two friends who are on WinMo using Sprint as well. One has a Diamond, one has a Touch Pro and they both tried to send me a picture and neither of them worked. My other friends have a Pre and a Lotus, and they work fine. Strangely enough I can send a pic to the WinMo phones, and they can see them those, I just can't see what they send me.

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    hmmm, my wife has the Palm Treo Pro and its on WinMo and i get MMS fine.
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    Strange, maybe it's a thing with HTC devices?
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    My buddy has the Touch Pro on ATT and it works fine, so does my gf with a Diamond on Sprint.
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    Hmm...going to have to try it again...maybe it was just a temporary network problem?
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    There are known issues with Touch Pro and Diamonds running .NET CF 3.5 and Picture Mail. I have a Touch Pro with .NET CF 3.5, and picture mail does not work properly. The problem was likely with the devices and not with your Pre or the network.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MannyZ28 View Post
    Strange, maybe it's a thing with HTC devices?
    HTC also made the Treo Pro. Keep that in mind
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    if you send an mms to someone with a blackberry do they get the picture just fine?
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    Works fine between my Touch Diamond and Pre.
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    Sent a few MMS' to my better half's Pre from my Treo Pro (Sprint's, not Alltel's or the GSM version), and it works fine.

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