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    lancearmstrong Sending this tweet from my new Palm Pre. Trying it out. It would be cool if the "Pre" was for Prefontaine. Pre was a hero..

    about 2 hours ago from Tweed

    Lance Armstrong (lancearmstrong) on Twitter
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    Lance Armstrong has >1M followers on Twitter, and it's about to go way higher now that the Tour de France is around the corner. Hopefully he'll use it instead of his Blackberry to tweet. (I dunno though...he uses Ubertwitter which is pretty bad ***...nothing on the Pre comes close yet. Let's hope someone comes through on the dev side in the next couple weeks!)
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    On second thought, scratch CDMA in France, and I don't know if he'll always want to wait for a hotspot to tweet. Oh well...wishful thinking
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    Looks like he's back to his BB lol.

    I didn't like Ubertwitter. SocialScope ftw!!
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    Any chance Palm's given him a GSM Pre?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronlongo View Post
    Any chance Palm's given him a GSM Pre?
    Quite possibly, seeing how the Palm twitter account RT'd his tweet...and it's awfully convenient to give him one two weeks before he goes to another country for a month...

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