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    I dont know what sprints f***** problem is! My last four phones were able to tether. If yo have unlimited data, who cares if you're on your phone or one your laptop? Don't blame the Wiki guys for being respectful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twizardt View Post
    I dont know what sprints f***** problem is! My last four phones were able to tether. If yo have unlimited data, who cares if you're on your phone or one your laptop? Don't blame the Wiki guys for being respectful.
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    The reasons they might not want to tethering is because if you dont by their card they arent making money and perhaps. all the new pre customers tethering their phone would put a strain and degrade performance for now increase in profit. not that many people actually do tether that can. i understand why sprint wouldnt want it just opened up. it is their network after all.

    im also like the wiki's and palm's decision. its a small sacrifice it if lets sprint be cool and allow the hackers to keep doing their thing.
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    if one tethered via pre, they would be getting the evdo speed connection w/out having to pay the additional charge of having a data card. the data alone is $40 or $50, i forget at the moment and because they constantly change the structure of their plans it seems. the data plan is also capped at 5 gigs. it's not an unlimited plan anymore when using the data cards. i had the phone as modem plan on my wife and i's centros for home internet access up until a few months ago.

    they would not get any money for the data if one tethered via the pre. and i'm guessing the pre can handle a decent amount of data running through it so they wouldn't be able to tell as easily if someone were tethered vs. just being on the web on the phone.

    and to the poster who said they wouldn't use a gig in a month. when we had the PAM plan on our centros, i could easily burn through a gig in a day. streaming music, videos and downloading can eat up some bandwidth quite quickly. i could see if you were only tethering to check email or something but why would you wanna do that if you had a pre?

    it's nice to see an actual dialogue between the wiki and palm instead of sprint just telling palm to just shut them down and all. the whole sit. makes sense and is nice that they can continue their rooting without being hassled.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fr4nk1yn View Post
    Again.. This confuses me. The phones base OS is Linux with a "fancy" shell that should make it all fall under the GNU(?).
    While Sprint may have a problem with it, maybe tethering or modifying a phone is somwhow in violation of THEIR terms it can't be Palm's position(?). Or am I misunderstanfing GNU?
    You're misunderstanding GNU.

    First of all, GNU stands for Gnu's Not Unix. GNU/Linux is an operating system, that makes up the base of the phone's OS. GNU/Linux is licensed under the GPL - but not necessarily are all of the tools / libraries / software on the phone. They may have some BSD licensing, maybe some other licenses.

    They're only required to release the CHANGES they've made to GPL'ed software upon request. If they wrote the entire Luna piece that runs ON the Linux - they do not have to release that.

    I'm not going to get into a huge discussion about licensing ... But you can look it all up, on Google.
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    A copy of the GNU GPL is on the phone. I haven't gone through it since legalease isn't my strong point.
    Actually I recall there being some debate about GPL even in the Linux community.

    So if "Luna" is the shell they don't have to release the code but the underlying OS is still open source(?). So it would depend on where the tethering code is being done?
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    I think that Sprint needs to have a tethering option for those who need it. There network is the most "dependable 3G network" and has "four times the coverage of AT&T" (not sure if thats 3G or total coverage though) so im sure they could handle some tethering. I think that Palm has been pretty relaxed with all the "hacking" and such.
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    Sprint is probably worried about the following: (or any number of the following)

    1. Billing: normally data cards have a 5gb limit. If you go over, you *can* have a huge bill... we're talking HUGE. People complain, claim they "didn't know" (when they knew damn well there was a limit)... It's unlimited on the phone, not the phone >> to computer. The system can't bill for that.

    2. They're trying to avoid what happened to AT&T's network, aka the iPhone effect. The iPhone effectively destroyed the speed/latency/reliability/QoS of AT&T's 3G network, and it's getting worse. They're [at&t] adding 7.2 mbs for really nothing, cause for a majority of the cell sites that already have 3G enabled, they aren't expanding the T1 capacity that is the backbone for speed and capacity. While it's common knowledge Sprint's data network (specfically the backbone) is superior to AT&T's 3G backbone, they're not wanting abuse of the network.

    3. It's also possible Palm & Sprint are working on PAM (Phone as Modem) solutions to be enabled in a WebOS update coming in the future. This is an example of the marketing that Mr Rubenstein learned while @ Apple. Get 'em hooked young, and string them along for updates down the road, simple marketing. With a device as easily hackable, updatable, and manageable as WebOS, it's easily done, and a "great" (business - great) way of doing things.
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    I wouldn't want to allow it either if I was sprint. Routing data isn't free. They have to pay for the equipment to transfer all those packets back and forth. So they offer a separate service with data cards if you want to do that.

    Of course it would be nice to offer it as an option, and for all we know they may do that in the future.
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    It is a little sad to see them roll over like that. Is there a Pre dev community that is continuing to work on what the community wants?
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    I makes complete sense to me to maintain a good relationship with Palm whilst the Palm - Pre Developer relationship is established.
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    I agree on having a good relationship with Palm, we need to step back and see Sprint wouldn't want to allow this, I know I wouldn't like to...Personally I prefer using a datacard to teathering seems to me that speed is better from my experience. When my AT&T data card contract expires I'm considering upgrading to MiFi but not sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by palandri View Post
    I don't tether, nor do I have need to tether. People obviously want tethering. Sprint currently charges people $10 a month for SprintTV and $10 a month for SprintTeleNav and they pay it. Why they don't offer tethering for $10 a month is beyond my comprehension. It's a source of revenue and I have no idea why they don't jump on it.
    Becasue that would cost them more not less. People like myself who use it occasionally would be calling every month to turn it on and off.

    I think Sprint has on enforcement taken the reasonable route, which is not bother unless is it abused over 5 GB while not making it easy out of the box on some handsets.
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